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Animal Story Animal Story © by Adictiz
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  • First professional game and sole developer, I had to learn quickly the current game engine already used in the company and every game development aspect (memory optimization, sprite's textures, backend communication, monetization, 3rd SDK etc.)
  • Game was released 4 months after, starting from scratch, and with all features implemented (gameplay, UI, ads, IAP, achievements, social/online services)

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Description & Features

After the success of the Facebook version, Animal Story arrives on your iPhone!
Little Billy is a scout concerned about the well-being of animals on Earth. Help him to collect the lost animals by aligning the boxes. You will find the rabbits, foxes and eagles in distress.
Align at least 3 animals vertically or horizontally to remove the boxes and score points.

  • A simple, addictive and crazy game
  • Many bonus to unlock
  • 36 achievements to complete
  • A unique and fun weekly tournament
  • Log in into Facebook and challenge your friends