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Paf + Paf le Chien + / Space Dog + by Adictiz
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My Work

  • Improved the performance of the existing game rebuilding all views using UIKit
  • Created the special offer system allowing players to buy an item at a reduced price. The offers are synchronized and validated (limited by time and/or quantity) with the backend on all games.
  • Added First Time User Experience (FTUE / Tutorial), hard currency, new special items and their ingame interactions

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Description & Features

Facebook players’ favorite dog got a facelift!
Discover, or rediscover Space Dog, his new wacky items, his new missions system, and lots of new features which make the game even more fun to play!
Shoot Space Dog as far as you can and travel through three exclusive worlds: the park, the beach, and the winter world!

  • Unlock up to 60 new ultra-fun items
  • Have fun with new exclusive tactile items and shoot Space Dog as far as as you can.
  • Invite and challenge your Facebook friends to upgrade your items even faster!
  • 3 exclusive worlds: beach, park and winter