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Workcraft Workcraft Student project - University of Savoy
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PC / Mac

Description & Features

University student project made during Mastery of Computer Science (4-year university degree) for the research laboratory SYSCOM of the university of Savoy.
Workcraft is a serious game. This is a game application for E-Learning replacing traditionnal tutorials.

The teacher creates a "course" (pedagogical scenario based on a multiple choice questionnaire) with the editor. The professor writes the questions, selects the type (multiple choice, free text , validate etc...), chooses the chronology and adds other resources to help students.
From this, a dungeon is randomly generated. It is a virtual representation of his course, there are doors and rooms, chronological concatenation (lanes are blocked as students have not answered correctly) and resources (represented by crystals).
Students connect to this universe, choose an avatar and progresses at their own pace in resolving issues.
Workcraft is also a multi-player game: students work together. The game provides tools to communicate and collaborate such as a chat or a group system.

 This project is composed of:

  • Editor: the teacher can create one or more courses (not the virtual world). An XML file is generated.
  • Server: manages all connections with the client application
  • Client application (the game): students use it to connect to the world generated from the XML course
  • Dashboard: performs reports from the activities of students in real time

Technologies: Java, C++, Swing, TCP/UDP, XML, XML-RPC, OpenGL, Irrlicht

  • Learn and have fun at the same time !
  • Evolve your character, chat with others players
  • Teacher: create your course in a revolutionnary way